Meet Christell!

For more than 20 years, I have been integrating therapeutic treatments with physical fitness programs for my clients. Drawing upon my wide breadth of knowledge and skills attained from nursing, sports medicine, physical fitness training, pilates, yoga, ayurvedic traditions, aromatherapy, homeopathic medicine, and healing herbs, I have been able to provide healing experiences and pain relief for hundreds of clients.

I am a Natural Therapeutic Specialist, Licensed Massage Therapist (NM # 3838, since 2000), and am certified/qualified:

  • YogaBody certified Yoga Trapeze Trainer (2018)
  • MASTER of the Tibetan Rites (2016)
  • Kundalini Yoga Instructor (2013; 250 hours)
  • Advanced Ayur-YOGA Practitioner (2004; 750 hours)
  • Pilates Mat Level 1&2 and Reformer Instructor (2002)
  • Natural Therapeutic Specialist (2000)
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer (1997)

My clients love my holistic approach to diagnosing and healing because I create unique and customized approaches that work!  Combining natural therapeutic massage along with mind-body fitness programs allows my clients to obtain more control of their pain by developing tools for their own self-healing and pain management.

Sports performance and sport-related injuries can take their toll…as a competitive equine rider, and snowboarder, I have created my own programs for fitness, pain relief, and recovery. I have gained a tremendous amount of personal insight due to my injuries, and I can relate to others who suffer from spinal, joint, or soft tissue pain.

I design body-dynamic exercise regimens for everyone, including athletes –  both professional and recreational.  All who have pain or compete in sports, including horseback riders, tennis players & skiers benefit from my customized approaches!  

I specialize in helping you gain mind-body fitness, so you will have an individualized program to build on, based on your improved breathing, posture, strength, flexibility, and balance.

You can learn how to get RELIEF from pain due to repetitive injury by learning active-isolated muscle stretches and myo-fascial body rolling.

Yoga Clinic for Balanced Horseback Riding

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(505) 239-7585   Let’s get you started to bring your life into greater balance, fitness and health!

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Based on your symptoms and personal goals to regain fitness, or to get RELIEF from chronic pain, you could get started with:
–    Attending a scheduled Yogalates, Yoga Trapeze or Restorative Yoga Class:
–    An Individualized Yoga, Yoga Trapeze or Massage Session
–    A Combined Session: Massage & Personal Training improve your wellness without pain.


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