Aroma Therapy , CBD & Herbal Supplements

Every day we are exposed to factors that can diminish overall health and well-being.  Whether in the workplace or on the playground, these negative disturbances cause our bodies to function at a sub-optimal level. 

NEW! CBD Oil Products:
I am excited to offer CBD products that I KNOW are of the highest quality! PURE & Essential MineralsTM provides me with a perfect Oil for Therapeutic Massages, as well as oils you can purchase from me for use at home.

CBD PURE & Essential Minerals

Bringing many benefits – direct application and/or diffusion of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils can help combat negative factors and support mental, emotional and physiologic homeostasis.  I would love to share with you my approaches to the use of the finest oils for aromatherapy – doTERRA oils!

Herbal Supplements:
I am also a firm believer in the value of herbal supplements, and their ability to help us heal ourselves!  I recommend the Herbs of Dr. Michael James, which are available here.  Dr. James has developed these formulas for all the major systems in the body, based on his more than 25 years of clinical practice in Laguna, New Mexico.

I frequently recommend Fection, Hay-Asz, Tissue Mend, Arth-Rite and others…Call me for a consultation (505) 239-7585 or email me at