Come Yoga With Us!

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A healthy habit is achieved within 21 days!  Practice is everything, and a little goes a long way…let me help you start a consistent daily practice.

You set the goal…achieve your goal with Yoga Classes and/or Individual Sessions.

Come Yoga with me! – I can help you :
– Recover from injury or illness
– Heal your back pain, stabilize your back & prevent future injuries
– Experience the benefit of inversion therapy & passive back-bends
– Revitalize your health and energy
– Improve your peak performance
– Improve your posture and regain functional movement

Come, learn to breathe…try your best and you’ll notice immediate benefits.

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Mind-Body fitness helps keep your body healthy, strong, and flexible while stimulating mental clarity and emotional well-being.  Available to any level of experience and all ages, my approach combines ancient yogic traditions (such as Iyengar, Ayurveda, Kundalini Yoga) with Therapeutic Massage, and other innovations I have discovered.

I am certified/qualified:

  • YogaBody certified Yoga Trapeze Trainer (2018)
  • MASTER of the Tibetan Rites (2016)
  • Kundalini Yoga Instructor (2013; 250 hours)
  • Advanced Ayur-YOGA Practitioner (2004; 750 hours)
  • Pilates Mat Level 1&2 and Reformer Instructor (2002)
  • Natural Therapeutic Specialist (2000)
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer (1997)