Yoga Trapeze!

I am officially a Yoga Trapeze Trainer!  On November 18th I finished the challenging and rewarding training!
Christell Graduating from Yoga Trapeze Trainer Class!
I am now ready to use this exciting approach help you heal your back, and much more! 
– $20 per class – get 50% off your first class, and bring a friend for free!
Yoga Trapeze Packages:
– 20% off for 4 classes 
– 25% off for 8 classes
– 30% off for 12 classes
Inquire about 30 minute free massage when you commit to 12 classes PLUS 10% off your  next Yoga Trapeze Package!


Christell Teaching a Yoga Trapeze Class in California
  • Strengthen your back!
    • Yoga Trapeze will help you strengthen your back muscles, providing you with more power and mobility for everyday movements.
  • Improve your flexibility!
    • Yoga Trapeze enables you to use gravity to achieve deeper passive stretches.
  • Create space in your spine!
    • Yoga Trapeze uses the power of gravity together with inverted poses to create spinal traction – the safe way to hang upside down.
  • Increase your core strength!
    • Yoga Trapeze incorporates the use of your core in nearly every pose – you will soon have awesome ‘abs!
  • Build grip and upper body strength!
    • Yoga Trapeze enables you to improve your ability to grab and hold onto things, while developing your upper body strength – hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders become stronger.