Yoga Classes

We now offer Yoga every day of the week!
All classes EXCEPT Yoga Trapeze are Drop-in!
Drop-in $15/class, or buy a package of 10 for 20% discount ($12/class)!
Please call Christell (505) 239-7585 or email to ensure your spot for Yoga Trapeze classes!  Click here to learn more about Yoga Trapeze and class prices and package discounts!

Yoga Trapeze with Christell
Noon Thursday:  Yoga Trapeze
9 am Friday:  Yoga Trapeze
5:30 Monday:  ‘Gentle Flow’ Yoga Trapeze
5:30 Wednesday:  Yoga Trapeze ‘FIT’
Take to the Air with Yoga Trapeze!  Yoga Trapeze on the world’s #1 Yoga sling enables you to add gravity, inversion and suspension dimensions to your Yoga sessions…as you have never experienced before!  This is a preferred way to practice Yoga, as it enhances and deepens the asanas postures & really opens up your body.  You will build strength in a way that isn’t possible on a floor mat.
Yoga Trapeze classes will help you:
– Relieve Back Pain
– Increase Flexibility
– Build a Stronger Core
– Develop Upper Body Strength
Yogalates with Christell
9 am Monday & Wednesday
Yogalates is an increasingly popular way to produce positive effects on the body and mind alike.  Combining Yoga with Pilates is superb for flexibility, muscle toning, core strength, endurance & postural correction.  Along with the added Tibetan Rites breath-work…you will benefit from a well-rounded class.  Both Yoga and Pilates improve overall fitness and well being, and blending the two together is time-efficient, as all of the major muscle groups are addressed.
Understand more about your unique body with this Yoga, Pilates and Tibetan Rites combination class as you increase your strength, flexibility and stamina.
All levels welcome, graduated poses for students of all abilities.
‘Gently Restore’ Yoga with Christell
11 am Monday
Let go of stress and tension, and get ready to put your legs up with the wall.  This class is relaxing , and you will experience a gentle approach to yoga postures and Pranayama.  The emphasis is on stress reduction, gentle stretching for pain relief, mind-body awareness plus deep breathing.  Hands-on stretching by Christell will help ease tension and pain.
Yoga for Everyone! with Michelle
4:15 pm Tuesday
Stretch and Strengthen – Get back into your flow!
Refocus on your Mind, Body & Soul!
Kundalini Yoga with Mataji
9:00 am Saturday
Awaken your Spirit – Mantras, Breathing and Meditation
Maintain Spinal Health while Strengthening Glandular and Nervous Systems
Hatha Yoga with Tina
11 am Saturday
Bring Peace to Mind and Body – Classic Yoga Postures and Breathing Exercises
Ideal for those NEW to Yoga!
Vinyasa Yoga with Ella
10 am Sunday
All Experience Levels are Welcome
Flow, Unplug & Connect with me!
VinYin Yoga with Ella
7 pm Tuesday & Fridays
VinYin Yoga marries strengthening Vinyasa with restorative Yin Yoga. The first half of the class will energize the body, while the second half offers passive poses to promote restoration. Improve cardiovascular health, flexibility and range of motion, plus strengthen & lengthen your muscles.