Yoga Trapeze!

Take to the Air with Yoga Trapeze!

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Now its time for you add Yoga Trapeze to your Yoga practice!

Yoga Trapeze on the world’s #1 Yoga sling enables you to add gravity, inversion and suspension dimensions to your Yoga sessions…as you have never experienced before!  This is a preferred way to practice Yoga, as it enhances and deepens the asanas postures & really opens up your body.  You will build strength in a way that isn’t possible on a floor mat.

Call me (505) 239-7585 or email to reserve a spot in class or schedule an individual session!

Yoga Trapeze is great for you if you enjoy Yoga – it is also a widely used by athletes, dancers & firefighters.  Even if you have never worked out in your life, you can do this – Yoga Trapeze is super-friendly for beginners!

Yoga Trapeze comes with 3-level handles that you would find in a TRX  Class – after the work I have done on it when achieving my Yoga Trapeze Trainer status, I can truthfully say that I understand why this Yoga Sling is rated #1 in the world!

Call (505) 239-7585 or email to schedule your individual session or reserve your spot in class

Yoga Trapeze classes will help you:
– Relieve Back Pain
– Increase Flexibility
– Build a Stronger Core
– Develop Upper Body Strength

Join a class or schedule an individual session if you want to:
– strengthen your back muscles
– increase your flexibility with deeper passive stretches
– create more space in your spine with inversion spinal traction
– achieve stronger core strength
– build upper body & grip strength

Yoga Trapeze sessions with me can help you:

  • Strengthen your back!
      • Yoga Trapeze will help you strengthen your back muscles, providing you with more power and mobility for everyday movements.
  • Improve your flexibility!
    • Yoga Trapeze enables you to use gravity to achieve deeper passive stretches.
  • Create space in your spine!
    • Yoga Trapeze uses the power of gravity together with inverted poses to create spinal traction – the safe way to hang upside down.
  • Increase your core strength!
    • Yoga Trapeze incorporates the use of your core in nearly every pose – you will soon have awesome ‘abs!
  • Build grip and upper body strength!
    • Yoga Trapeze enables you to improve your ability to grab and hold onto things, while developing your upper body strength – hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders become stronger.


Call Christell (505) 239-7585 or email to reserve a spot in class or individual session.

  • NO CAFFEINE 2-3 hours prior to a session
  • NO inversions if you have any of the following:
    – Glaucoma
    – Heart Disease
    – High or Low Blood pressure
    – Vertigo